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Salaryo funds your rent & deposit for a small monthly fee.

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No more security deposits. Enter the workspace of your choice Deposit-Free, starting from only *$10/month.


Want more flexibility? Skip your coworking membership payment anytime, starting from only *$10/month.


Join a workspace with no security deposit—and Salaryo pays up to 3 months of membership fees.
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Went for a tour in a new workspace and loved it. Salaryo put down a $750 deposit for me and I moved in the next day.

James L., Startup founder

One of our members had a big project cancelled. Salaryo
funded him for two months and he stayed in our community.

Jessica M., Community Manager

Found a great workspace and launched my new design studio. Used Salaryo to pay the deposit and the first three months.

Damian R., Freelance designer