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If you’ve already paid your deposit and would like to get it back now,
Salaryo will get it back to you-you guessed it- for a small monthly fee.

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We believe in fixed-rates, instant access, and no long term
commitment to accommodate today’s dynamic business culture.

"Techstars-backed financial tech startup Salaryo has launched a bank that offers digital nomads and freelancers subscription-based financial services so they can secure a spot in their favorite coworking spaces.."

"First finance option for coworking memberships. Going it alone can be tough, The long hours, the late payments, delivery and deadlines. On top of that, there’s the financial volatility of running a small business.."

"Disrupting Finance for The Freelancer Economy with Yair Levy, CEO of Salaryo. in this Tech-Stars graduate tells us about the solution he is building, dubbed “The Bank of Co-Working” as well as the journey that led him here.."
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How it works

Your monthly fee is determined by your deposit,
You can cancel anytime, there are no hidden interests and no extra fees.


No hidden interests

No extra fees

No long term commitment