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Frequently asked questions

How does Salaryo work?

3 simple steps:
1. Member completes the online application within 3 minutes.
2. If approved, Salaryo pays the security deposit to the coworking space in 1 business day.
3. Member moves in!

What do you mean by "zero transaction fees"?

Credit card companies and banks charge unnecessary fees for deposits received and refunded to members.
Salaryo never charges fees for the operator, so you can handle deposits without additional costs, saving thousands of dollars per year.

How can Salaryo help me acquire new members faster?

Salaryo provides your workspace with flexible financing options for prospective members.
Offer a security deposit financing option to waive a common entry barrier and acquire new members, faster.

How can Salaryo help me retain my existing members?

Salaryo provides your workspace with flexible financing options for existing members.
Offer your current members the ability to redeem their security deposits and free up cash. Happy tenants pay rent on time!

How can I contact you?

You’re welcome to contact us with any questions at