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Generate more leads

Lower costs for your clients without adjusting their
rent or fees

Increase deal efficiency

Reduce overall deal cycle time by eliminating a typical financial stressor for tenants

Fortify revenue streams

Keep clients happy and solidify ongoing commissions
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Fast and easy

Sign up using our quick application and be on your way to closing more deals

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Your clients can get approved in as little as one day, allowing your deals to close faster

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100% funding

Use Salaryo as a tool to offer your clients the ability to waive or redeem their deposits

Frequently asked questions

How does Salaryo work?

3 simple steps:
1. Sign up using our online application within 3 minutes
2. As a broker you can now offer your clients Salaryo’s deposit coverage
3. You seal the deal with your client and they can move in immediately

Who can I offer Salaryo to?

You can offer Salaryo’s services to anyone looking to join a workspace that requires a deposit!

At what point should my client apply for Salaryo deposit coverage?

Tenants can apply for our deposit coverage at any point in the deal cycle, before or even after the deal is closed.

How can I contact you?

Please feel free to send us an email to