Coworking Life


How to survive the coworking jungle? Do’s and dont’s of coworking

It’s Monday morning and you’re on your way to work, thinking obsessively over a snack bar you are pretty sure you left somewhere in your drawer. Twenty minutes later you’re having once again another temper tantrums – someone ate your snack bar! If you are smiling reading this,  you are probably working in a coworking space. So to prevent you from having your future meltdown – here are the Do’s and Dont’s of coworking:



-Create your own private stash – hidden from your colleagues’ reach. And by saying stash we don’t mean a drawer or a cabin – use your creativity into finding the perfect out – of reach location!

-Create your work playlist – coworking places can be pretty loud- the right music will help you calm your mind and allow you to concentrate.

-Dress to impress – you never know who’s gonna pop out at your compound.

-Network – the guy sitting next to you could be an important lead to your next project.

-Keep your environment clean. Mommy is not here to clean up after you….




-Do not treat others the way you do not want to be treated- in other words – don’t eat whatever is not yours!

-Don’t sing out loud! we get it, you’re obsessed over Kanye’s new song and we are really happy for you- just try to be less vocal about it …

-Don’t OVER dress – adjust your dressing style to your surroundings . coworking office requires a smart casual yet laid back style.  

-Don’t be a space invader! Use your common sense. Understand when to approach.

-Don’t be a control freak –  Coworking space includes different kind of people. Adjust yourself to a diverse surrounding- not everyone is like you!

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