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Love thy member: How to make the most of your coworking community

So you’ve put down the deposit, covered your first month’s rent, and moved into your new second home in your hometown’s hottest and hippest new coworking space. Now what?

Whether you realize it or not, a coworking membership is one of the best investments you can make to jumpstart your freelance career or startup business. It sets you up not only with an office – but also with a vast network full of likeminded, innovative, and creative individuals setting off on a path (probably) no less exciting than your own. They key lies in being able to harness the power of this network and leverage it to the advantage of your business.

Wondering how? Here are three tips to get you started:


#1: Network galore: Talking to thy neighbor is key

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your neighbor and community members. Put yourself out there. Getting to know your coworking community will not only make you feel more comfortable in your new space, but will also expose you to the many talents (hidden or not) that sit within the same four-wall confinement as you. These new friendships will have implications beyond just expanding your social circle – your stranger-neighbor-turned-new-friend just may pan out to be your next customer, best advertiser, beta-tester, muse, or even your next business partner.


#2: Pick up a new skill (that you didn’t even know you needed)

Coworking spaces are abundant with countless events on the daily – ranging from lectures, to movie screenings, themed happy-hours, and hands-on workshops that cover everything from professional tips and tales, to guided meditations, skill-shares, and more. There’s no better time to learn how to perfect your copy, optimize SEO performance, or better balance your books. So make sure to sign-up for any and all such workshops offered by your coworking space – you never know where they may take you. Just remember to stay open minded.


#3: Take the initiative – plan a community event

While we already discussed the benefits of attending events within your coworking space, there’s another end to that stick that’s yet to be covered: Event hosting. A coworking space will not only give you the personal enrichment that you need to succeed via planned-out workshops and lectures; It will also give you the stage to host sessions for community members on your own – granting you all the more exposure to potential clients and partners, and giving you a chance to practice that elevator pitch on a crowd capable of providing valuable feedback. So why hold back? Contact your community member post move-in to find out exactly how you can start making a difference in your community.