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9 Reasons to quit your salaried job and start a business

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Entrepreneurship may not be easy, but the benefits to it are many.

Working a nine-to-five years on end often grows to be boring. We all dream of breaking free from the constraints of the corporate world in order to forge an independent path to success – but very few of us actually make the leap towards the unknown.


The entrepreneurial path does not come without its own set of challenges. Those who are averse to risk may deem the path of independence unstable and unnecessarily rocky. And they are perfectly right. But there is no greater feeling than that of self-fulfillment and knowing that you made a positive impact on the world in one way or another. If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe this will: Below, we outlined nine reasons why you should quit your stable, salaried job in order to chase the impossible today: your dream.


#1: Chase Your Independence

Reporting to a superior can get frustrating– especially for those of us who have trouble with authority. True, we’re conditioned from a young age to be tolerant of authority, and grow to be even more accustomed to it as we make strides in the professional workforce. But today – structures are changing: Organizations are becoming more cross-functional, team-oriented, and less hierarchal. It is a change reflective of our desire to be more independent and in control of our careers. For the ultimate spurt of independence, though, there’s no better route to take than the entrepreneurial path.


#2: Be the Change You Want to See in the World

By doing the ordinary, you’re not going to change the world.  We’re lucky enough to live in an age where one can easily leverage the power of technology and the Internet to make a positive impact. But to do so, you must be brave enough to break free of your salaried job in order to pursue that revolutionary idea that will change the world.


#3: Say Bye-Bye to the Nine-to-Five

There’s something to be said about choosing your own work hours. Not all of us are morning folk just like many of us ain’t night owls – so how did we become such nine-to-five sticklers? Despite the appeal of leading a flexible lifestyle, though, one thing must be noted: Flexible does not equal The 4-Hour Workweek. So don’t choose the entrepreneurial path if it’s short days you’re after.


#4: Make Your Passion Your Full-Time Job

Why do anything other than what you love to do? We live in an era where nearly anything can be turned into a full time job. So don’t settle for anything short of pursuing your true passion…


#5: Break Out of the Corporate Confines and Let Your Creativity Flow

Working within the constraints of the corporate world often stymies individual creativity. Naturally, pursuing the agenda of a greater organization pushes aside creative tendencies and forces one to conform to corporate culture. But why settle? If you’ve got that creative itch – let it flow!


#6: Pursue Unconventional Ideas

Just because you imagine something, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Choosing to pursue an unconventional idea equates proving to others how wrong they were for ever doubting you. Your salaried job won’t necessarily let you chase that brilliant idea that’ll change the world, but entrepreneurship will let you bring that unconventional idea to life –  on your own terms.


#7: Satiate Your Thirst for Knowledge

Entrepreneurs are always seeking to know more, to answer impossible questions, and find solutions to problems that do not yet exist. Working a salaried job makes it much easier to fall into a routine and get in the habit of continuously doing what you already know – it sucks you into the mundaneness of mediocrity. Entrepreneurship encourages the opposite, and forces you to constantly learn more about the things that excite you most.


#8: Free Your Earnings from a Salary Cap

A salaried job limits your earnings based on constraints set in a predetermined contract. While yes, raises and promotions are offered on a not-nearly-regular-enough basis – they are not enough to guarantee that your salary grows exponentially throughout the trajectory of your career. Your earnings get capped in the long-run, and there’s not much that can be done to ensure an endless stream of income. By choosing to start your own business, you take the power into your own hands, and become the gatekeeper to your own income flow.


#9: Make Being Location-Independent a Reality

Sitting in an office all day gets boring and repetitive – it’s easy to get sucked into the routine of an early trafficked commute followed by nine-hours of sitting hunched at a cramped desk counting down time and squeezing in countless strategically timed coffee breaks. But forging your own path gives you the option of choosing to work outside of the office – from wherever you want, anytime of the day.