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5 reasons to date a freelancer

A world traveler, a social tiger a forward thinker – 5 reasons to date a freelancer:


#1 Master of time – your man is a master of his own time. He will take you to lunch in the middle of a working day, surprise you with a long weekend getaway or have a late snooze with you, just because he can…


#2 Captain discipline – There is no bigger challenge than managing yourself in a non – conservative working environment. Your date – to – be juggles daily with time, money and nutrition management – and god knows it ain’t easy. He is by far the captain of discipline.


#3 NetworKING -his days at the coolest co- working space in town, formed him  into a social animal which is totally worth dating. He will let you in his social frenzy setting – no doubt –  he is the king of networking.


#4 Mr. Spontaneous – the freelance lifestyle requires rapid adaptation to changes and open mindedness. If you choose a freelancer rest assured you won’t need a lot of planning ahead.


#5 The world’s citizen – how amazing would it be to have an office in every country you choose around the globe? A freelancer can totally make it happen. If you’re looking for a nomad lifestyle – dating a freelancer is the first step to achieve that.