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4 Must-Have Tools for the Millennial Freelancer

c (like setting your own schedule) – but it also gives rise to its own set of questions, like: How do I handle client onboarding? Coworking, or work-from-home? How do I stay focused when no one is setting and ensuring that I reach my KPI’s? And, how do I handle invoicing and manage expenses all on my own?  


Luckily, we live in a technological age where tools are aplenty – easing processes and connecting the dots where we need them most. Here, we outlined four of our top-rated tools that will help you work smarter as a millennial freelancer.


Salaryo: Making Coworking All the More Affordable

Looking to move yourself out of the local coffee shop or work-from-home station and into the comforts of a local coworking space, yet don’t have the cash flow available to put down that deposit or first month’s rent? Salaryo – a financial tool designed to help any freelancer, founder, or small business owner overcome income volatility – has you covered. The way it works is simple: You pay a small monthly fee ($10/month), and Salaryo puts down a deposit on your behalf for your coworking space of choice, securing your spot at your soon-to-be second home.


Sighted: Expense and Invoice Tracking, Done Right

If you’re about to take on new clients, manage multiple accounts, and issue invoices on the daily – organization is key. Sighסted is a free web and mobile-based software that lets freelancers track expenses, produce professional-looking invoices, manage clients, and accept online payments all in one go. The easy-to-use software will help you keep track of every little outflow – ensuring that no end is left loose or hanging. Sighted will also produce P&L reports and other representations of financial performance to help you gather insights and better understand how your small-business is hauling over time.


Streak: Seamlessly Transform Any Inbox into a CRM

Streak turns any ordinary (Gmail) inbox into a powerful CRM-tool capable of managing clients, new leads, potential partners, and projects throughout their lifecycle. All you have to do to transform your inbox into the beating operational heart of your business is download a simple Gmail extension. Once you connect, Streak will synch with all your Google apps, and let you manage your workflow easily. The extension simplifies the work-management process, and negates your need to employ an external CRM system. Put simply – Streak empowers you to run your entire business out of the inbox you’re already so familiar with.


Freedom: Achieve Optimal Productivity by Minimizing Distractions

We all know how distracting iPhones, tablets, Facebook, and your favorite online-publication can be. One minute checking a Facebook notification can turn into hours spent scrolling numbly through your Newsfeed or browsing the even greater world-wide-web. Luckily, tools like Freedom exist to limit our access to the white-noise distractions that always take up much more time than planned.  Freedom blocks distractions (websites and apps) across all devices, thus ensuring that focus is maintained. Limiting your intake of anything non-work-related throughout the day will hike up your productivity and optimize your flow. So what are you waiting for? Get blocking!